aide-memoire, 2020

augmented reality water necklace
augmented reality cloud necklace
macro shot of ring melting away

aide-memoire, 2020

a mixed-reality collection responding to the climate crisis through a speculative, digital approach, commenting on the socio-political implications of global warming and the ongoing migration towards the digital world.

as part of central saint martins’ extinction rebellion assembly, the aim in developing this narrative was to create a sustainable, waste-free production method that speaks about the implications of design in the context of climate emergency. using bioplastic and water-soluble, biodegradable 3d printing, it developed into a circular economy system addressing several steps of the design process. by composting and dissolving all the materials involved — from prototypes to final pieces — it proposes an attempt to minimise the waste behind most creative projects, which rarely ever gets addressed.

the sculptural pieces were designed as a series of water-soluble, ephemeral jewellery exploring the progression of glacier-melt. they represent organic outcomes gradually formed by different interactions like touching, grasping or holding the ice, allowing body temperature to create shapes that actively illustrate humans’ impact on this issue.

using augmented reality to expand the narrative, it further presents an experiential approach to jewellery, creating a dialogue between the real and the virtual. through the use of technology, a new language emerges in the form of instagram filters and life-size digital pieces experienced through an ar headset. questioning the boundaries of the physical object by projecting these designs in an exhibition space, it finally speculates on a future, post-consumerist era where the physical migrates into the digital.

  • pva (water-soluble, biodegradable filament), pla (corn starch filament)
  • model: hannah bourn